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Audio / Video has become a widely used and generic term. Unfortunately, most AV companies take a “generic” approach to your installation by selling the same speakers and displays to everyone. Admit One Home Systems takes a much more customized approach. Whether you are an audiophile looking for great 2-channel sound or a homeowner looking for a discrete installation, our designers will find the right solution. And ... our service model is second to none ensuring that your products are serviced FOR FREE, for the life of the product or for as long as you own it. Guaranteed.


Distributed Audio & Speakers

Mood in the home can often be influenced by great sound. A properly designed audio system will allow music to flow through the rooms of your house and into your outside environment.

It’s easy to incorporate both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers during the build process for a new home or retro-fitted into an existing home.  Music can come from any number of sources including Pandora®, Apple®, Spotify® or your own music library.  You can even play one song in the family room while the kids are listening to their music in the media room. Systems can be easily controlled with in-wall controls or by simply using your smart phone.

Distributed Video & TV

If you have more than two televisions in your home, then you are a candidate for a distributed video system. And if you have more than two televisions in your home that can simultaneously display different material, congratulations: you already have a form of distributed video in your home!

Distributed video systems can simplify the satellite/cable box frenzy and even save you money. Our experts will help you design a system that no longer waits for the cable guy to fix the TV but rather cleanly installs video sources in a single rack and then distributes the sources on-demand to the different displays in your home.

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Outdoor Audio & Video

Extend the fabulous features of your entertainment systems to the great outdoors. Admit One can supply you with specialty all weather outdoor speakers which look as great as they sound and lighting features which will make your backyard a showcase. The next time visitors come to your house, they will experience the best in outdoor sound.


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