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It starts with the right solution.

Many home automation companies try to sell their clients the most expensive, top of the line solutions without ever taking the time to get to know their clients needs and desired solutions. Admit One take the time to do our due diligence in asking lifestyle, budget and usage questions combined with our years of customer experiences to ensure we are tailoring the perfect home automation solution for each family- never over selling to make the profit, nor underselling disappointing the client with what “could have been”.

It continues with the latest knowledge and the best equipment.

Let’s face it, Admit One employees are, at heart, passionate tech geeks. We love nothing more than absorbing all the information on the latest industry services and equipment. We are constantly investing in educating our employees with technology symposiums around the country. As well, Admit One is regularly asked by their industry manufacturing partners to beta test the latest technologies before they hit the consumer market which means we know the latest equipment and are not experimenting on your home. And we love a challenge! Ask us to refurbish and ancient stereo system to today’s standards or have us create a period appropriate theater room in a 1910 home. This along with the constant thirst for the latest knowledge ensures the best and truly custom solutions for you and your family.

Installed. Right.

You can order the latest equipment with all the bells and whistles in tow- but if you don’t have a qualified installer it means nothing. We’ve seen countless examples of great equipment gone unused due to incompetent installation. Our installers hold accreditations from our equipment manufacturers which ensure that their skills are in alignment with the manufacturers standards. Because of our excellent relationships with our industry partners, any equipment issues rise to the top of their priority list meaning your inconvenience is minimal and it is taken care of right- the first time.


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