Not only did we want a fully integrated media center (TV, DVD. Tuner, CD player, game console, etc) with surround sound and whole house speaker system, but we also wanted a built-in cabinet to house it all. And we needed to operate it without an instruction manual. Admit One did it all with exceptional, quality, superior design and easy to use. Their customer support before, during and after the install was and continues to be exceptional.

Grandma L., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

The planning and installation process was terrific. The service ever since has been outstanding!! Bill is awesome!

Morgan W., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Last year we hired Admit One to update some of the electronics in our more than twenty-year-old home. Everyone, from the sales person to the installer, was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Further, the pricing was very competitive, which I find is rare in the upper end market.
Our experience overall was excellent. We highly recommend this company!

MaryAnne G., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

We have used Admit One Home Systems to install and service our entertainment equipment for several years and have always been pleased with their service. We recently had a problem during the Olympics and John and Bill very promptly got our system operating. We highly recommend Admit One.

Terry D., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

We have had an amazing experience working with Admit One. Working with Dan on the design and features of our home theater was so easy and professional. Dan’s wealth of knowledge made the overall process extremely smooth. The installation of our home theater was equally as impressive. The installers knew exactly what they were doing and helped educate us on how to work everything. I would highly recommend using Admit One for ANY of your home theater needs.

Katie C., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

We had Admit One set up our entire house with TV’s, security, and sound and I have to say that they are AMAZING! They never tried to oversell us with anything and did a really good job explaining the benefits of the different options. When we have had questions or issues with anything, they respond immediately and are very knowledgeable and respectful. I have interacted with everyone from sales, installers, service techs, etc. and they are all wonderful. They come highly recommended!

Allison W., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Admit One Home Systems is the best!  They are extremely knowledgeable, and always up to date on all product and solutions for the home.  From low voltage, lighting control and security systems to unreal home theaters- these guys are passionate about what they do, and it’s clear in the product they turn out.   Another important benefit to working with Admit One is the service they give after the project is completed.  Any time myself or clients have had an issue with technology, Lance and his team quickly respond and make sure the issue is resolved in a timely manner.  Any questions you have about the system- they love talking through it so the end user fully understands the system.  I would highly recommend Lance and the rest of the crew at Admit One!

Annie Tropple, Home Design by Annie, Admit One Design Partner Admit One Client view all

We have had the pleasure of working with Admit One Home Systems for many years now, for ours and our clients home theater, low voltage, lighting control, motorized shades and security needs. Everyone from the owners, to the salespeople, to the installers are all fantastic to work with. In the world of technology, where everything seems to be changing by the day, Admit One stays on top of the latest trends and are true innovators in their field.  Whether you’re doing a remodel, adding a media room, or you’re in need of a whole house low voltage package, we highly recommend that you talk to the fine people at Admit One.

John Kraemer, John Kraemer & Sons, Admit One Build Partner Admit One Client view all

Your customer service is fantastic, especially after the sale. When one of our components died you came out and swapped it out for a repaired unit and we were back up and running. Unexpected but greatly appreciated.

Scott J, Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Bill, from your service department, is always fabulous and so knowledgeable – many thank for once again helping us out!

Candace R., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Thank you for providing such comprehensive service to get my new equipment installed and insure all other systems are working top-notch!

Mark L., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

The usual exemplary service from Bill, Mark and the team. Many Thanks!

Randy J., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Bill, of Admit One’s Service Department, is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend!

Tom B., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Great service as always. Thank you very much!

Michele F., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Patient & Knowledgeable. Best combination.

Lorene M., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Always top notch service. Thank you!

Marilyn S., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Gentlemen, it is not often we praise outstanding workmanship, but we could not have been more pleased with Ben Hollatz, Chris Riekens, and Bill Helgestad at our home today. They installed one new television and relocated one for us. They also installed a home sound system. My wife & I are thrilled with their expertise and their attitude. I am retired now, but used to manage the world’s largest malting company- despite our size we treated each account with respect and attention to detail, whether they were Anheuser-Busch InBev or a local micro brewery. Your guys delivered the same attitude and expertise. I would be pleased to provide further input if necessary.

Craig & Mary R., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Still absolutely loving the speakers. I think about them and how good they sound every time I use them and I use them every single day.

Mike D., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

The Admit One team continue to set the bar extremely high when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service…This is an unparalleled competitive advantage. I made a service request and stated that if they could get to this within the next week or two, that would be great. Within a couple hours, I received a voicemail that one of their tech’s would be arriving at our house. The individual knew exactly what needed to be done and within 15 minutes, they resolved our service request to our satisfaction. Thank you Admit One!!! If you are considering which home audio/technology company to contract with, hands down you have to go with Admit One…they are amazing!!!!

Paul S., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

First a note of gratitude for sending a technician out yesterday to address the internet issues. He was very professional and I appreciated his thoroughness. I am interested in a service contract because your crew is much more patient than I am in fixing those issues.

Matt M., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

You continue to take great care of my agency and family – years ago I chose to work with you over less expensive options and you continuously show me that this was a great decision.  Your timely service, the fact that my time is worth something and I don’t need to continuously sit on hold or work with representatives who do not know what to do are valuable.

Amy W., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

I look forward to working with you guys again too. I’m so glad we recommended you, I’m certain the client could not be happier!!! His comment on the 2-channel in his office was enough to know that!

Peter E., Architectural Partner Admit One Client view all

Lance…..it’s with great pleasure that we write this letter to express our sheer appreciation for Bill and the job he does for Admit One….we can’t tell you how many times we have had issues with our system which would prompt a call to Bill…and as fate be, it has been on a weekend, and even on Holiday weekends when we have been entertaining…he always answers his phone, no matter the time, and walks us through what we may have to do to correct the problem…if follow up is required, he has always been there asap….I am a retired CEO that had seven thousand employees…I know what it means to have an employee that puts the customer first and is knowledgeable in all aspects of their job…you have one in Bill!!…I might mention, you can be proud of your whole staff who over the last 7 years we have interacted with….Dan, John, Andy, and several others represent Admit One very well, but as far as follow-up, and from our perspective, Bill “stands out” because of his knowledge, responsiveness, and customer service skills…we have no hesitation of recommending Admit One to all our family and friends….thanks for listening.

Dan and Jo A., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Yes, everything turned out AWESOME. Very very happy with everything!

Brian D., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

The system works great!!! No problems as we had before. The two gentlemen who turned the system over were deeply knowledgeable and very professional. Kari and I are very happy we made the decision to work with you. Thank you again!

Brian & Kari A., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

The guys did a fabulous, fabulous job yesterday on our install, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Sarah B., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Happy Friday! It isn’t often that people take the time to email the owner of a company to praise an employee. Right? Well, I had to share with you how FANTASTIC Bill is and how he is consistently valued by all my Lecy homeowners.
When I go through the selection process with a new homeowner, AV is one of the first three important decisions that must be made. We, as a company, strongly suggest Admit One. But when they are with me & we get into the details; I sell them on Dan’s skill set and Bill’s superb service. Often, they might have another company they want to work with. I assuredly share with homeowners that Admit One has THE BEST customer service. For I have personally experienced the ease, knowledge and talent of Bill. I remind homeowners that 2 years down the road is when the truly excellent AV company shines!
I am sending this to you to acknowledge the proficient willingness of Bill and that I hear this from my homeowners. His calm demeaner and ability to get the job done is a great comfort to them. (When internet, music or TVs aren’t working panic settles in!)
Lance, you have built a great team and I will positively continue to stand by Admit One. I just thought you should know that Bill is making you guys look good! (And thereby Lecy too!)
Have a great weekend and hope to see you soon.

Victoria M., Build Partner Admit One Client view all

Having been an executive in a large sales/service organization that prides itself on customer service, I must say that the customer experience exemplified by the Admit One staff is amazing!  This is the second project you folks have done for us and while it was probably small in comparison, I cannot begin to express how Admit One goes above and beyond to assure their customers satisfaction…

…What really resonated with both projects was if there was an issue, concern or hiccup, Admit One would immediately find a way to have someone come to our home that day to troubleshoot and correct the problem. Bill in service was great in this regard when we had ongoing issues in our previous home.  As I always say…people want to know that you care before they care what you know!

Lance, if you ever have a potential customer who needs that extra push or testimony to get them to sign on with Admit One, have them give me a call and I will be your best ambassador.

Thank you and don’t ever change your commitment to EXCEED a customer’s expectations.

Paul S., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Thank you for setting up my tv install with Dave. He was absolutely awesome! I couldn’t be any happier with how my setups look and how neat and clean of a job he did. I had my in-laws and family over helping us unpack and they couldn’t stop talking about his great work either. Tell the powers to be you guys got a good one there

Have a good one!

Adam G., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

I love you guys

Dan V., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

I want to remind you of how much I appreciate your prompt service. If you guys ever need a testimonial, I would be happy to write one for you. I could not be more pleased!

Dan R., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

I wanted to reach out to thank you and your team for their professionalism and exceptional customer service.

Thad L., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Everything is great! And you are spot on…. movie days and nights. We couldn’t be more pleased!!

Dan G., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Thanks, tons, for coming out last Tuesday. Your guys helped insure us that we picked the right Audio/Video team going forward with our new home.

Rene Z., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

Thanks for keeping us on a roll

Tim P., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

I want to give a shout-out to Joe Salsman. He has answered any questions we’ve had since getting our security system, quickly & thoroughly. We are in the process of moving and when I contacted him recently with questions, he went above and beyond.

Deanna M., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

All of us are very happy to be working with Admit One over our old Low Voltage contractor.  Dave is awesome to work with, and a familiar face on all of our projects!

Chad M., Build Partner, Job Supervisor Admit One Client view all

I am really happy with the professional service and will definitely be looking to Admit One for future projects and recommend you guys to others!

Alex P., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

I wanted to send a quick note of appreciation. The guys yesterday did a fantastic job! Sandra and I were impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge. Thanks for your level of customer service!

Matt M., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

After several disappointing experiences with other home automation companies, we were ready to abandon the notion of home automation.  We were constantly struggling with systems that didn’t function as advertised. We were constantly battling problems with our system and often times it would be weeks before we were able to get service. Fortunately, we came upon Admit One.

We were instantly impressed with their technicians. They were able to use much of the very expensive equipment which we had already purchased from other companies to give us a fully functional home automation system. They were able to rescue the system which we had already paid for and they got it running without flaws or glitches.

Since that time, we have added to our audio and video systems and we have always relied on Admit One. Their service is second to none. They are extremely responsive, no matter what time.

We are extremely grateful to have discovered Admit One. If you are considering a home automation system, let me save you the trouble of vetting other vendors. I’ve already been down that road and I will never recommend anyone other than Admit One.

Dan R., Admit One Client Admit One Client view all

I wanted to thank you for your company doing excellent work. Every time I use this new system I think of how nice it is that we have a reliable piece of technology. My faith has been restored in the home automation systems. Thanks again!

Dan R. Admit One Client view all

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the professional work your crew did with the installation of our AV and Luton lighting system. They were very respectful of our home and pleasantly willing to please. We would be happy to receive any calls from folks wanting a recommendation.

Steve & Tricia S. Admit One Client view all

Everything is great. The guys that were at our house were awesome.

Eric L. Admit One Client view all

I received a bill in the mail today from Admit One reflecting a Balance due of $0.00 and highlighted as VIP Service Guarantee.  Made my day. I have and will commit to be loyal to you for as long as you are in the industry! Thanks for always being responsive. Much Appreciated. 

Jason M. Admit One Client view all

Hi,  I just wanted to leave an email to let you know how much we appreciate your services. You are always available to talk with me on the phone when I am trying to troubleshoot problems, and I am always able to schedule you guys on a timely matter to set up my entertainment needs. Your quality products and expertise are greatly appreciated. There is never a worry when you are here.

Art P. Admit One Client view all

I highly recommend Admit One. I built a large new home with them last year. They were very helpful and not pushy. Even a year later they are super responsive when I have questions about my TVs, Sonos, alarm system, video doorbell, and fire system. And, they come out to fix their systems at no charge! They are friendly and treat you like they know you well. I have had other companies in the past at prior homes and this company is by far the best. Thanks Admit One!

Michele F. Admit One Client view all

Admit One was great to work with. They were always professional and came up with creative solutions that met our acoustic and aesthetic needs. It was important to us that their products blend in with the design and not distract from it which they did flawlessly. We absolutely love the Samsung Frame TVs throughout our home and the Sonance landscape audio system for the pool. We would use Admit One again for future projects and will recommend them to our friends & family.

Marcel S. Admit One Client view all

You guys must do something different there because you all really seem to love what you do. It seems like everyone carries themselves as if they own a part of the company and want to make the customer happy. It must be a great place to work. You’re definitely doing something right.

Barb H. Admit One Client view all

WOW!!! This never happens to us – what a wonderful company and great people who always answer even my simplest questions. Thank you for the VIP gift.

Rosanne E. Admit One Client view all